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Self-taught painter, born in Algeria in 1953 in Bordj Bou Arreridj lived in France since 1956

" I see my painting as an invitation to travel in dreamlike landscapes sidereal, water or organic "

My painting takes its essence in the depths of my being, memory, dreams, memories archaic metaphysical thoughts.

I work my paintings intuitively suggesting or embodying a more precise but most of my research looks to the "movement".

My painting suggested images, the memory remains engulfed in the psyche, that everyone can feel, analyze and interpret according to his own vision. So according to his personal experience that the viewer can enter this world unknown to him before.

My works have a single purpose: The Travels Invitation to giving a key to a waking dream that everyone can take in landscapes subtly unknown, sidereal, water or organic at their own imagination.

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